Celebration of life. Patricia McCory


The world stopped making sense since you left us. You, the strongest and kindest, the one who has always been there for us. We can’t even begin to describe how many people care about you and have to face a reality without you in it. Rest in peace.

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Excellence In All We Do

Trisha represented the United States Air Force core values with leadership, resilience, and excellence.  Her esteemed service and accomplishments performed at the Pentagon in the Office of Secretary of the Air Force, Financial Management and Comptroller, Budget Investment branch were invaluable to ensuring the Nation’s warfighters received cutting edge technology to defeat and deter our enemies. The Department of the Air Force continues to forever be in her debt.




"Your love & your spirit will never go away, your love guides & directs us each & everyday. We miss you so much, but we know you'll always be near, your words will always be heard, so true & very dear."

Veteran Memorial Service


Trisha was involved in providing the highest level of customer service across various stakeholders, military bases, and agencies.  She was dedicated to fostering strong working relationships on trust and openness.  Her oral and written communication skills improved working relationships and provided key inputs which directly supported critical decision making for the USAF.  Trisha served others through training and providing direct support to new people joining the organization.  She was always the first person ready to serve and give her full attention.  She invested time in boosting the workplace morale through decorating the office during the holidays, hosting office gatherings, and remembering teammate’s weddings, baby showers, and retirements.  She was very thoughtful and enjoyed serving and helping others.  She regarded her professional duties over personal desires at work, home, and within her community.  Her investments played a tremendous role in bolstering strong teams and a ready workforce.


This is where we will share precious memories and story about Patricia.

Corey Dowdell